Are the Twitch Beggars Baiting Us?

Avaldati 22 mai 2020
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The twitch beggars are getting out of hand... but are they doing it on purpose to attract attention? Let's speculate.
There are some wonderful people on twitch, here are a few of my favorites:
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sorry if this video kinda sucks i'm trying my best


  • U smell so bad

  • She has the same smile as truman's wife.

  • No

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  • 6:26 She could have just fibbed and claimed that she felt bad about it but thought it would blow over and people would forget about it. She could say that she hoped her future actions could paint herself accurately and that unfortunately it blew up so that she had to confront it. She would look bad for not facing it and hoping it would go away but people could see that as human and endearing. Just thought she could have said anything but silence since to answer that question she'd need to lie

  • Amanda corny looking at her phone during the red dead 2 cutscene physically hurt me.

  • What I dont get is how these people dont understand the idea of starting an account for twitch/ any other pay *optional* streaming service that some people might view your videos *without paying* 🤡

  • She can marry Logan Paul.

  • Came here only to see a girl whining & begging for money.

  • This is probably going to sound dark but, as someone with a physical disability it is incredibly infuriating to see a healthy and able bodied person with the shittiest and laziest personality 🙄 maybe go out and get a job or contribute something to society instead of a expecting an easy life just because you have a pretty face.

    • @Jeskers18 no lol

    • @waters everyone has depression.

    • meanwhile, attractive people with depression:

  • what was that shirt change

  • That first girl has equal vibes of the teachers that would threaten a Fun Day or something because one kid didn't turn in their homework.

  • - “Why didn’t you apologize _before_ the clip blew up?” - “Hmm that’s a difficult question to answer” -So what you -_-mean-_- to say is you didn’t -_-care-_- enough to apologize before the clip blew up because you didn’t feel bad until the clip blew up. And even when it did blow up you still didn’t actually care you were just trying to make a an attempt at damage control. That’s what that means. Hmm. Teehee- 😸🙈 Yeah okay makes sense

  • If I click on a video and it has a sub-count in the corner, I'm clicking off straightaway. Honestly, it tells me all I need to know about them. The only exception would be a video celebrating an anniversary or a milestone; like being on EEclone for x amount of years, or hitting a major sub-count. It can be fun because you feel like you're celebrating along with them, but if it's a permanent fixture it just feels like they're driven solely by numbers.

  • the twitch viewers at 1:30 are literally agreeing with her omg

  • I find it funny that he chose Charlie’s video to show, because his videos are so good

  • the second girl is the girl in my class that would hit me then cry when I said she’s annoying

  • 6:33 kills me

  • cat

  • Mean while Ranboo just hit 100k

  • Fuck me I hate my generation because most of these greedy streamers are born from the early to mid 90s

  • A

  • i dont watch that much tv... says the girl with a bunch of tv/anime character plushies behind her

  • some guys call guys with girlfreinds simps because there jealous but her subscribers are actual simps who the hell is desperate enough to pay for that

  • I tried. Sorry drew I really tried. I only made it to 9 minutes before I felt my blood pressure rising from mild anger. I love your videos but I cant do this one.

  • Does video on twitch beggars, ends video with a sponsor 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Wait no legs?

  • 3:39 kinda shame for twitch money beggar's thanks for your words....

  • Up next:pokimane is next......

  • There was no T-Bone steak, not even Wagyu. :'(

  • A good example of pretty privilege

  • Before Twitch there were these main youtube gaming channels that everyone watched to pass a certain point in the game. Even at that time I could never watch those guys because they were trying so hard to be interesting. Now to actually pay someone for that sort of thing while sitting on a blanket with plushies, talking condescending to you...bro, this is the lowest low masculinity ever got.

  • “Content” the most misused word nowadays

  • She’s one of those ppl that believe they are extremely intelligent but the more you listen to them speak the more you realize they really aren’t. I agree she is very well spoken but unfortunately just because you’re well spoken it does not mean the ideas and thought you’re expressing are that impressive.

  • that girl scares me

  • 2:23 bruh you forgot to add PLAYBOY MODEL with 2 videos on the website for adult

  • i feel like this is probably how all politics works

  • Kitty in the background checkkkk🐈‍⬛

  • she has the face of a substitute teacher waiting to make you feel bad about yourself- like "I wasn't talking to you I was speaking to the group honey :)"

  • 1,2k simps, nice.

  • How to be a famous streamer: Be funny, Be good at a game, and if your lucky, you can just eat food and get a ton of money. How to be a famous EEcloner: Be funny, deal with EEclone demonetizing you, deal with false copyright claims, edit videos that might crash, deal with mental health, and so much more. Basically, twitch streamers have it easy. There are good streamers, but EEcloners have it way harder

  • That dial up sound effect during the apology 😂👌

  • When Drew said that he too has gotten angry and said stupid shit at 12:33, he shoulda put that twitch clip in of himself saying “I don’t have nipples on my ankles!”

  • Here's my take, the majority of the people who are begging you for money and saying you should pay for their content are mostly female somewhat attractive streamers who just want to profit off looks. Their business model reminds me of only fans

    • Which is fine, but that doesn't mean that they need to feel entitled to anything. I have a friend who started an only Fans and while she'll advertise the hell out of it and hopes that she'll make a profit out of it, she doesn't act like she's entitled to people's money. It's not hard to not be a shit person, regardless of how you make your money.

  • She talks like the sassy teacher's pet who thinks there in control of everything

  • love this video

  • The hatred I feel for that horrible lady is just next level. Yikes.

  • Man I hate when people that are doing something stupid call other people stupid like it’s when a Karen calls another person a Karen like how this lady said Your being self-centered where this lady’s soul is what I would call a bitch and a half

  • "Its only $5. Its sad that people don't appreciate me as a content creator." These girls really fill me with rage.

  • this vid doesn't suck thank you for trying your best

  • danny where is the twitch stream you promised

  • Lol I'm trying really hard not to find her stream for some cringe-worthy content, no joke. That shit really does work

  • I think these girls forgot that they have no talent and don’t deserve to be given money because they’re doing nothing in exchange for it. Also, smart people don’t need to tell everyone how smart they are. It immediately makes you look like an immature, insecure moron.

  • I swear that poster is tilted. I have been looking at it for 15 minutes and my OCD gets worse with every passing minute.

  • of course your gonna be mad if your not passionate about your job, if you care then people would sub..

  • Forget the subscribers, it's even more pathetic that people pay $5 to $20 to comment on the screen.

  • I don’t understand what her content is... do you pay $5 for her to sit there and yell at other people to also pay $5 ?? huh

  • Oh she's a keeper

  • If you want me to do something i say that i love to do PAY ME.... This is their logic

  • It's just five dollars. That's like five thousand pennies.

  • There are two Amanda’s featured on this channel and I think we all know which one is superior

  • "if people want to support you and have the ability to support you more often than not they will support you" is a great mindset to have

  • Man, I love streams where the content creator forces me to give them money. But I still wonder why I can’t buy a quarter of a chocolate bar.

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  • My laptop hang

  • A socialist with the phrase "left is best" whining about not getting enoug money 💰

  • Have you heard about the thomas middleditch sexual allegations. Pretty recent stuff and super fucked up what he convinced his wife to do.

  • Don’t worry drew I think you smell really nice 😊

  • Paying $5 to watch someone beg for $5 🥰

  • how tf did that lady say the things SHE said, completely seriously, weren't the things she felt and thought.

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  • Everyone: triggered at this lady Me: admiring her plushies while tuning out her ugly voice

  • Spain but the S is silent

  • That girl had so many contradictions in her statements that even Payne could point them out.

  • Wait, what's the name of the show that made you laugh super hard???

    • Middleditch and Schwartz

  • I don't think people realize how fucking dope honey really is lol. Everyone sees it as a sponsor but its really just helping all of us if we let it lol. Shit is crazy

  • She gives me Rachel Berry vibes.

  • They’re like the complete opposite of Corpse Husband. He begs people to not spend money on him lol

  • Idk.... it kinda seems like these men wanna watch hot girls be hot, then say "hey why should I pay you, all you do is sit there and use your sexuality"

    • Thing is though, if you're on Twitch you are working from an income model where some people are going to pay and others are going to feel entitled to watch without paying. That's regardless of what you're "selling", be it your looks, personality, or demonstrating skill at some activity. You can encourage people to sub but you can't expect it of your viewers. If you want that, then that's why things like OnlyFans and Patreon exist, where you can gate of specific content behind a pay wall.

  • I think there are better sites than Twitch if you expect to get paid for sitting around in your underwear.

  • This is tooooo much tho

  • I got a whole paper filled for $5 and that means more to me than a sub to some stranger streamer lol 😂

  • Doesn't spend time watching TV Has an assortment of plushies from media

  • Impoverished people still deserve to be happy and have entertainment and breaks from work

  • and the worst part about all of this is she gets to become very wealthy off of literally nothing but her looks lmao; if there's one thing I hate more than ewhores it's these virgins who fund them in the beginning. Pathetic beta males who will stay like that for the rest of their lives.

  • i see cat

  • You can watch Netflix on multiple devices.

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  • I've been a big proponent of everyone subscribing to everyone who's content they enjoy on EEclone, where its free. On twitch I don't think that's cool to say "just do it, come on"

  • Your reaction just after 10:00 was impressive

  • Wow, how did your shirt change? Teach me

  • InvaderVie is a narcissist bruh. I swear to gah

    • And she attracts desperate codependents. It is disgusting af

  • The invadervie segment could be summed up with the curb your enthusiam theme

  • 10:43 😭😭

  • 9:44 There’s something about people smiling and laughing when talking about something that upsets them makes me so uncomfortable. I know some people do it as a defense mechanism, but I physically, mentally, and emotionally can’t handle it...

    • They’re phyco/sociopaths. For example all the baddies in Ace attorney who act like that are 99% of the time murderers.

  • She spends all that money on stuffed animals

  • I live with my parents, have no job, and spend pretty much all of my free time on college, attending classes and doing homework. I like listening to streams and EEclone videos when I’m doing my homework. I’d like to have a job but then I wouldn’t have time to focus on my school. It isn’t “just $5”, you’re just fucking entitled

  • That V girl is crazy ...