A Hospital Run By Tik Tokers

Avaldati 16 juuni 2020
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Welcome to Attaway General, a hospital full of unqualified teenage doctors who don't even want to be here. Seems like a good idea!
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  • i waiting for you to make this video

    • same

    • Short

    • I'm so glad the person didn't edit their comment to correct it lmfao

    • We waiting 🤝 **soviet anthem plays**

    • why

  • This show looks like comedy gold for a blind and deaf person (btw I'm waiting for part 2!)

  • Oh I hate the Elon Musk lookalike I hate him

  • Now we need a Tiktok run by doctors

  • I wonder what the fatality and recovery rate is.

  • the hair net and the stupidity cause they want to still look cute

  • I really, truly, had a moment of “what, I thought I skipped ad, what is - are they joking??? 2020 election chess game?! -ohhh it’s a bit”

  • wait what does that chess set actually exist

  • Omg that quick cit of you is terrifying

  • ngl, some of the lines and tropes are actually good but the acting is so soulless and the chemistry between characters is so forced it’s horrible.

  • idky but everything about Charlie Demilio pisses me off. Whenever she's on screen I just want to throw something at my screen

  • I can't watch this anymore. I will be dead by the time I finish this

  • Do part two

  • "Tell me more about how you suck at your job." "I bribed a nurse with a chocolate bar to get your confidential health information."

  • 10:58 PLSSSS

  • Where is part 2 Drew? Its been a little longer than a month.

  • Part 2 or else

  • this is literally grey’s anatomy for children wtf down to the characters 😭😭😭

  • its like the producers read one enemies to lovers fanfic on ao3 and thought they could do the same thing in the course of two videos

  • That main girl reminds me of bella from twilight, the monotone voice....I can’t even

  • "This time with less blood." Very good, Drew! That's how bleeding works!

  • 7:16

  • Why did I think that the chess commercial in the beginning was a real ad?

    • @Tydyman200 sorry, I meant i thought it was a EEclone ad before the video started

    • It most likely is, cause its an actual chess set

  • not “jack” of the show being recently exposed for sexual assault. dude is gonna go to prison for real

  • None of them have their hair tied up, either! It's a health hazard!

  • Who on earth would leave these dumbass kids in charge of peoples lives

  • Ohh I had no idea shes her sister Lern something new eveyday

  • The "rebel" kid is the softest character on the show..

  • ᴼʰ, ʸᵒᵘ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵗᵒᵒˀ

  • I think about the first thirty seconds of this video all the time. Really was the 2020 mood

  • The imagination games my friends and I played in third grade had more plot and character development than this professional show

  • my grandparents got my dad the political chess set

  • Putting criminal teens in charge of others wellbeing seems to be a remarkable idea Edit: I thought it was gonna be Amanda behind you on the couch

  • I waited through the whole ad to see your cat. I was not disappointed

  • I have the chess set that was at the begging

  • Jokes on them, I’m an “adult” 😉

  • Why are they all acting like reanimated corpses

  • the fact that you can hear all of their horrible mouth noises is so gross oh my god

  • 10:58 "Knock yourself out"

  • Knock yourself out *faints*

  • 9:51 "attaway general. no that is not a disease" LMFAO WHAT

  • do mani lmao its sad

  • Did the show just forget that this holden kid was admitted because of an accident? like sure someone can have a rare heart disease and also get into an accident but why even introduce him like that lmao

  • They talk like robots. It has no f***ing emotion. Why are these so bad. This video is so much better than these f***ing “episodes”

  • Couldn't finish the video

  • this show is a masterclass on how to speedrun a hospital drama

  • this- this is really bad. that’s all I really have to say cries

  • This is literally greys tf

  • “We’re about to be at capacity!” The hospital I work at doesn’t need a bus crash, we’re always at capacity.

  • Pt 2 where

  • Buuuuuuuuu

  • ah yes my favorite part was the nurse breaking HIPAA because she received a chocolate bar. very realistic

  • 10:58 😂😭

  • Why do they all sound like robots😶

  • dixie has no energy

  • dixies acting is equivalent to an 8th grader in their school play whos only doing it because it’s mandatory

  • can’t wait for a update

  • Bruh as a premed student in college this makes me angry. Getting the opportunity to volunteer at a hospital and interact with actual patients is soo hard and rare. These kids get this opportunity in HIGH SCHOOL and then just fuck around. Damn, premeds would die for an opportunity like this

  • dude why do you sound exactly like john mulaney I can't unhear this

  • My nurse self is just 🤣 the amount of errors in infection control are just comical.

  • 5:14 😂

  • drew do be wearing the trans flag colors

  • Medical TV shows are inaccurate. I’m not talking about the medicine (although it’s bad), but we ain’t hooking up with each other. In fact, we can’t wait to not see each other at times. Btw, dissolvable stitches on an external wound is ridiculous for multiple reasons. Maybe teenagers shouldn’t be vocalising their medical opinions to actual patients.

  • update on this show: there is now a gay character, and the girl who was one of the doctor's patients or whatever literally brings up gay conversion therapy to him and is only very lightly chided, and continues to be a homophobe throughout the show. why did they do this??? I DON'T KNOW. but it's awful

  • This show is so bad that it's funny

  • go to 6:56 if you want to see a sleep peralasis demon

  • I actually own that chess set an it is fantastic

  • it's pretty fucking shit but what's even worse is the people who actually consider them good lol

  • 11:21 eagle eye + integrity + hilarity

  • How I miss hospital storage closets 😅

  • The only decent actor is Holden tbh the rest are just the worst and so bland, especially Dixie

  • This show is a HIPAA violation in and of itself

  • My middle school drama was more entertaining than this

  • 9:17 ma’am that’s illegal

  • I watched all the episodes.... it was a horrible experience.... then the old dude died and I actually cried and I don’t honestly know why😭

  • 6:57

  • HEPA? No no no... Chocolate

  • That background tho😂😂

  • we should get doctor mike to do a react to this show lmao

  • this show makes me physically cringe

  • no one: Dixie: °_° u reed 2 im in press

  • heck this made me laugh so much. sick hail the sun album btw

  • Dixie is so cringe fuck.

  • Holden is the only good actor.

  • I don’t know anything about Dixie, but my god her line delivery is awful

  • Part 2?

  • What about Noah beck Dixie is cheating

  • “right in the middle of a global pandemic” posted June 16, 2020 😔

  • 13:22 absolutely cracked me up lmao

  • totally on board for a Part 2!

  • Sitting through that ad was totally worth it

  • This girl clearly has never treated a wound because it’s common knowledge, even for little kids, to CLEAN the wound and wipe off the blood before wrapping it.

  • Bribing a nurse with a chocolate to tell you the condition of a guy. Is this a stupid bad taste remake of the scene in Chernobyl where Lyudmila wants to know where is severely radiated husband is?

  • 12:30 she's literally trying not to smile, good God

  • Man I hate it when I call the hospital to inquire about my illness and the receptionist tells me it's not a disease

  • Rey from starwars had more character development then these characters

  • "My son started crying he he's having a heart attack" "That is not a disease" hangs up "Thanks asshole"

  • The different pantry postsynaptically impress because mailman emphatically satisfy in a nice shoemaker. absorbing, same outrigger

  • i thought the add at the begining was real

  • 10:58 is the best moment in the video