Why Does Pepsi Have a Game Show?

Avaldati 31 märts 2021
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  • Pepsi

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  • Drew Gooden? More like True Goofen

  • The game show is probably pre-screened with unknown actors and models being paid to play as contestants. It's not fake exactly, they're still contestants, but they just so happen to not question anything and go with the flow after the producers happened to say something. I was cast in one-off comedy "reality" EEclone show that did this, it's not uncommon for these types of shows at all.

  • I kinda want Pepsi wild cherry

  • How long did it take you to see it? I’ll ashamedly admit it took me about 8 minutes into this 16 minute video till I noticed it...

  • 11:00 timestamp for me


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  • pepsi is the besti

  • Check out The Drew Barrymore Show, its a talk show, right, but it's just ads!

  • I’m watching this while drinking coke

  • I was definitely drinking Cherry Pepsi while watching this. #notasponsor I hate pepsi normally but cherry pepsi kinda slaps.

  • God damn it i told you dont need to explain the slot machine to me but u never listen! You always assume i am stupid or something! Im unsubscribing!

  • 00:15:21 Drew, what did you say here? It sounds like some profanity to me lol


  • A corporation that commits human rights atrocities in less economically stable nations is teaming up with a known conservative network to perpetuate the endless cycle of poverty and consumerism. Big surprise here, bois.

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  • radiohead

  • I don't think they learned anything, since MTV announced a Pepsi Mango themed dating show.


  • Ha. Pespi.

  • you cant tell me this shits not a black mirror episode.

  • Wtf

  • I would love a “we could still go apeshit for no reason” shirt

  • Coca cola zero sugar rocks 😋

  • 13:42 how could you have not have made a “popping cherries” joke?

  • 😂

  • Late stage capitalism is a very disappointing nightmare

  • This feels like one of the imaginary 30 Rock shows

  • Something makes me want a Cherry Pepsi

  • bruh

  • Gus, you hooligan...

  • Kardashian by proxy lol 😂

  • Yes

  • This is insane 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

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  • It's gone now.

  • This company had the 6th largest military submarine fleet in the world during 1989

  • Had to grab myself some Pepsi wild cherry for this video

  • i love Ty

  • Plot twist: Coke secretly made this show to sell more Coke.

  • Peppssiiii

  • I want a Dr. Pepper show

  • Wild cherry isn't even the best flavor. Real Sugar is.

  • Pepsi mannnnn

  • You're channel is good

  • Coke

  • Pepsi

  • bepsi

  • Drew Gooden is the only person on EEclone who understands joke construction.

  • 1:30 Matilda.

  • 😂 this is one of the best vids yet drew

  • the mcdonalds monopoly thing was a scam??? :(

  • only after watching this again did i realize he spelled it pespi on the screen in the background :/

  • This is probably gonna sound strange but it usually takes me a week or so to click on your videos. I’m subscribed to you, and I love pretty much every single video you put out, they always make me laugh and I really enjoy them - but every time I see the thumbnail, the show or thing that you’re gonna be making fun of just sounds so awful that my brain tells me to scroll past - not realising that ur gonna be destroying it hilariously ... idk I wondered if anybody else has this problem or if I just need to take a lil break from youtube so I’m not so desensitised

  • Lovey boy

  • I do love Wild Cherry Pepsi

  • I want a Cherry Coke now.

  • This video gave their instagram account a popularity boost

  • Pepsi max is best

  • I didn't know this existed

  • this what comes on after "ow my balls" on idiocracy

  • bepis has a gameshow?

  • Yes

  • Well now I want a pepsi wild cherry soooo... I guess it worked 🤷


  • 6:17

  • When the guy said "Pepsi Wild Cherry" and the crowd cheered, it reminded me of Lois Griffin saying "9/11 was bad. 9/11.".

  • I got a coke ad before this

  • i was over 13 minutes in the video when i realized in the background it said "pespi" and not "pepsi".

  • It’s the bruh for me 🤣

  • Join the baddie smp

  • ispeP

  • 6:30 this exact thing happened to me in high school. nobody wanted to voice act our group project (which was beowulf finger puppets, it's still on youtube) so i did it. I did a long take of just a bunch of fight sounds/grunts/effort sounds. I expected the girl editing to cut the ones she wanted and leave out the bad ones. we even talked about it. but nope. she just chucked the entire 15s clip of me doing various grunts and hiyas into the middle of the video. nice. thanks. thats great.

  • 6:11 a shot of wild cherry pepsi that is

  • What's the vinyls in the background (not in rainbows the other 2)

  • What do you mean I’m the prince of Florida? You don’t live here Sincerely, Prince of Florida

  • Do u remember on CBS there’s was a Candy Crush Saga game show? This reminds me of that.

  • This is like if 15 million merits was just the game show and nothing else

  • 6:23 Jason Biggs is universally liked?

  • I like how their insta became just filled with 'bruh' comments and Drew fans


  • He is so cute and handsome

  • Omg that audience is like entirely unnecessary!!

  • I recognized Amy (the blonde news lady) and was weirded out until I realized drew also lives in florida

  • the pepsi account commenting on the wild cherry account gives me to same feeling as when someone starts a separate Instagram for their animal or child and then comment as themselves under a post they definitely made

  • I got a Coke ad during this and i think that’s irony right

  • he is so cute and handsom

  • Is anyone here as astonished as I am that he is the Prince of Florida??? 😳

  • It’s so trippy when Drew comes into contact with his camera or computer or whatever, and you can see the "PESPI" logo he’s written on the TV in the background is slightly shaking

  • Si

  • Pep

  • Petition to actually make Drew the Prince of Florida

  • Conundrum

  • how humor so good. i cry every time because haha’s

  • I literally got an coca cola ad before this 🤣

  • 5:34 Why do you own a pepsi shirt?

  • Pepsi thinks they're slick getting a youtuber to talk about their show and product plus wear a shirt with their logo on it SMH

  • All of those takes workwd